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Video EEG Services

Video EEG Monitoring tests are a specialized form of EEG test in which a patient is constantly monitored for a prolonged period over a video screen. During this time, our staff is able to observe a patient’s brain activity as a seizure, spell, or brain event is occurring.

At Catskill Regional Medical Center, our physicians often use Video/EEG (VEEG) monitoring to diagnose non-epileptic seizures in our patients. Our physicians may suggest VEEG testing if a patient is:

  • Not responding to antiepileptic, or anti-seizure, drugs
  • Having fainting or black-out spells
  • Confusion or spells of unknown origin

VEEG is often used if more information is needed to clearly define the type or types of seizures a patient is experiencing.

In addition to seizures, VEEG monitoring can also alert clinicians to any acute brain event, including:

  • Ischemia
  • Increasing intracranial pressure
  • Hemorrhage
  • And systemic abnormalities affecting the brain, such as: hypoxia, hypotension, acidosis, and others.

How VEEG Works

A VEEG recording is an inpatient exam that transpires for a prolonged period of time – typically over 24 hours to up to several days. This exam is accompanied by continuous video observation. The EEG and recorded behavior are displayed simultaneously, allowing point-to-point correlations of recorded events and any accompanying electrographic changes.

Physicians can use the information gained from the VEEG monitoring to recommend specific treatments for the type of seizure disorder a patient may have. Treatments may include medication, counseling or surgical intervention.

Advanced VEEG Technology at Catskill Regional Medical Center

At Catskill Regional Medical Center we have two Cadwell Arc VEEG (video EEG) systems that our staff uses for routine EEG’s and also video EEG’s in our CCU. Complimenting this system is our seizure detection software, Persyst, which helps the physician pick up any seizure activity easily in the EEG.

Video EEG Monitoring scan testing the brain waves of a patient at Catskill Regional Medical Center.
Photo: Cadwell Arc EEG System

Because of new technology, it is now possible to record Continuous VEEG monitoring. This provides dynamic information about brain function that permits early detection of changes in neurologic status, which is especially useful when the clinical examination is limited.

Non-convulsive seizures are common in comatose critically ill patients and can have multiple negative effects on the injured brain. The majority of seizures in these patients cannot be detected without VEEG monitoring.

For More Information or to Schedule An Appointment

We can provide routine EEG’s and set up VEEG between the hours of 7:00am – 5pm, seven days a week. VEEG’s will run for over 24 hours. If you wish to schedule an appointment for a routine EEG, please contact our outpatient scheduling department at 845-794-3300 x 2225.

If you have any questions pertaining to EEG’s at Catskill Regional Medical Center, please contact Beth Kellogg, RRT, Director, and Cardiopulmonary & Special Diagnostics at 845-397-3549.