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Catskill Regional Medical Center Now Offers Video Electroencephalogram Services

Video EEG Monitoring scan testing the brain waves of a patient at Catskill Regional Medical Center.

Catskill Regional Medical Center is pleased to offer Video Electroencephalogram (VEEG) Services to adult inpatients. The VEEG Monitoring test is a specialized form of an electroencephalogram (EEG) test in which the inpatient is constantly monitored by video. This allows doctors to observe brainwave activity during the time a seizure is occurring.

“This is a new service to our community,” Catskill Regional Medical Center Chief Executive Officer Jonathan Schiller said. “Having Video EEG at Catskill Regional will result in fewer patients being transferred out of Sullivan County for the diagnosis of seizure disorders and more timely care for newly diagnosed patients. This testing is also very beneficial for patients that have other brain disorders.”

 “The VEEG exam is a prolonged test (over 24 hours), and is accompanied by continuous video recording,” said Greater Hudson Valley Health System Director of Cardiopulmonary & Special Diagnostics, Beth Kellogg, RRT. “The EEG and recorded behavior are displayed simultaneously, allowing point-to-point correlations of recorded events and any accompanying electrographic changes.”

Catskill Regional has also added seizure detection software, called Persyst, that helps the physician easily identify any seizure activity in the EEG.

With this new technology, it is now possible to record continuous VEEG monitoring in our Critical Care Unit (CCU). It provides dynamic information about brain function that permits early detection of changes in neurologic status. Non-convulsive seizures are common in comatose critically ill patients and can have multiple negative effects on the injured brain. The majority of seizures in these patients cannot be detected without VEEG monitoring. The gold standard in the diagnosis of epileptic and non-epileptic seizures is a recording during a video EEG monitoring. VEEG video monitoring can be provide to patients in the CCU who continue to have frequent seizures despite antiepileptic drugs.

VEEG monitoring can alert clinicians to any acute brain event, including seizures, ischemia, increasing intracranial pressure, hemorrhage and even systemic abnormalities affecting the brain, such as hypoxia, hypotension and acidosis.

For more information on Video Electroencephalogram Services at Catskill Regional, please contact Greater Hudson Valley Health System Director of Cardiopulmonary & Special Diagnostics, Beth Kellogg, RRT at 845-397-3549.

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