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September 17, 2015 – Harris, NY – Catskill Regional Medical Center has implemented the Vocera Voice and Communication System among its clinical staff to increase workflow and to enhance the quality of care patients receive.

The Vocera Badge is a lightweight, wearable voice-controlled device that enables instant two-way, or group, conversations using intuitive and simple commands. The Vocera Badge is widely used by mobile workers who want the convenience and expedience of being able to communicate hands-free in an effort to enhance the delivery of patient care.

The communication system makes it easy to connect with employees through the Harris Campus. Using Vocera, employees can speak the name of the person they are trying to reach for easy and immediate two-way communication. This provides staff the ability to easily locate a shared piece of equipment, request patient care assistance, request and or provide patient status updates while reducing the number of overhead pages that can disrupt a patient’s ability to rest and recover and increase workflow. Hospital employees assigned and logged onto the Vocera System can also be located quickly in the instance of an emergency, potentially saving lives.

“Communication is instantaneous between clinicians, admissions staff, clinical charge nurses, anesthesiologists, lab and radiology techs, endoscopy techs, surgeons, Post-Anesthesia Care Unit  nurses, and phlebotomists,” said Chief Executive Officer and Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Gerard Galarneau. “This type of communication is crucial not only for patient care, but also for efficiency of hospital operations.”

The ability to quickly and easily communicate can also improve workflow. Using the Vocera badge, employees can cut out two or three minutes from a workflow, such as making a phone call to a particular care provider and being put on hold.

“It’s better for nurses and staff, it’s better for the hospital’s productivity and it’s ultimately better for the patient,” said Chief Nursing Officer Rolland Bojo. “Vocera helps us keep our patients at the center of care, because we can focus on being fully present with patients and still know we can get immediate help if it’s needed.”

Emergency Department Registered Nurse, Allison Swendsen, wears a Vocera Voice Badge.


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