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Dr. Polly

When a patient experiences a stroke, the quicker care is provided, the more likely the outcome will be positive.  However, if the patient lives in a more isolated location, rapid response can be a challenge.

“Dr. Polly” (The Polycom RealPresence Practitioner Cart) transforms a roomful of technology in the ED into a simple, mobile workstation. Situated at the head of a table or in an exam room, it helps medical professionals overcome restraints caused by time and distance so they can provide care to patients anywhere.

The technology quickly brings remote patients face-to-face with medical professionals who can then deliver the vital early intervention required. Hospital stroke teams have fast access to stroke experts at any time, day or night.  Getting specialist clinical advice quickly is essential so that on-site physicians can make treatment decisions quickly.

Medical and non-medical peripheral devices easily connect to the telepresence system, enabling medical professionals to share, in real-time, high-definition images of a patient’s throat, ears or skin.