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"The entire group of nurses, anesthesiologists and the physician were both caring and extremely competent. They made what could have been a frightening and anxious experience, one which I understood, feel greatly cared for. I felt comfortable and safe."
S. B.

"I think you should know how well EVERYONE worked together. The nurses from the holding area to the recovery room were all so attentive and caring. I must say all were excellent. It was very consoling to have their experience."
S. B.

"I was extremely impressed with the level of attention and care given. Everyone I came in contact with demonstrated a commitment to excellence and getting it right!"
D. C.

"I had a wonderful experience. The personnel were extremely friendly and helpful, and very attentive to my comfort and well being. My wife and I will not hesitate to use the services of your hospital the next time a need arises."
D. B.

"My sincere appreciation for the staff who worked most closely with me to provide a second chance in life. Beyond their skills and expertise, each physician visited with me daily to check on my status, entertain my myriad of questions and demystify the process. I felt confident in their care and judgment about what was best on my medical behalf. Three nurses in particular also skillfully attended to me. The compassion and ethic of care of each of these women is something I will never forget."
I. S.

"Our family feels very blessed that Dr. Shahzad has been able to successfully operate on Dad and each time the results were positive. Each time we expected and dreaded that Dad would end up with a colonoscopy bag. Each time Dr. Shahzad, with his great knowledge and skill, was able to perform the surgery and not install a bag even on a temporary basis. During Dad's hospitalizations, Dr. Shahzad was very attentive, ready to answer our many questions. ... My family will be eternally grateful for Dr. Shahzad and his skilled surgeries that have given us another four years with Dad. ...To have a doctor of his caliber at CRMC is a blessing for all Sullivan County residents. He is a wonderful surgeon and a real asset for all of us."

"I did not know the caliber of doctors that you had on your staff . . . Dr Shahzad was . . . one of many miracle's for our family inside your hospital walls. Dr. Shahzad has gone on to see my Grandfather many times in the years since and words can not express how thankful we are for this continued care. I personally grew from a person of great doubt to a proud cheerleader for Dr. Shahzad. In the moment when he was first explaining what had to be done until this day, my entire family is in awe of his tremendous talent and skill. ... Thankfully for us, this complete stranger had the best of minds and the steadiest of hands, and is now deeply adored by our entire family. Some of the things I observed that impressed me the most are the way Dr. Shahzad cares first and foremost for the patient, he is so quick and efficient in the way he accesses the problem, even once assembling his team on a Sunday to do a necessary procedure. He really has a way of looking at the patient, not just the X-rays and scans. ... His way with patients and there families is a precious gift. ... He knew right away the man Grandpa was and how much he would not want a colonoscopy bag and Dr. Shahzad did all he could to make sure that was not something we had to face. ... Now instead of doubting CRMC's ability to treat and help patients, if I know of someone needing surgery, I say to them, "so have you ever been to Sullivan Co?" The best care possible is right there nestled in those beautiful mountains." ...I wanted to extend my feelings of deepest, sincere thanks for having this gifted man on your staff. ... iT IS CONSTANTLY INCREDIBLE TO ME HOW MANY HE HAS SAVED AND HOW MANY LIVES HE HAS CHANGED, MINE INCLUDED."

"I am writing to you because of the excellent experience I had at your hospital. On February 11, 2014 I had total hip replacement surgery. Dr. Episalla performed the surgery. First let me give you a little background. I am 71 years old and have never been in a hospital. To put it mildly, I was scared to death. We arrived early in the morning and the nurses immediately took me in. As I said, I was scared. From the first nurse who told me to undress and put on a gown to the nurses in the operating room… All treated me just great. They were all very friendly, caring and comforting. I then spent four days in room 200. All the nurses and nurses aides for that section were just excellent. If I rang the bell, immediately they asked what the problem was and I would have assistance in a moment or two. They were all friendly and very helpful. Even the cafeteria lady was nice. Who ever heard of having a choice for meals in a hospital? Plus, the food was very good. Another good employee you have is Kristine Conologue in Physical Therapy. She had me up and walking the next day and was so nice to work with. She was most helpful to me. I will recommend your hospital to all my friends. I have already told everyone about my experience in the hospital and my comments were all good. You have some great employees and they all know how to make a patient feel comfortable. Keep up the good work."