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"The staff is absolutely wonderful -- very courteous and skilled. The doctor did a great job with surgery and the results achieved in OT. The hospital is blessed to have such a wonderful surgeon and an extremely skilled therapist."
C. R.

"I was injured in a fall that fractured my hip and I was operated on. From the beginning the physical therapist and occupational therapist helped me get up and around. They were compassionate, caring and persistent. One problem that I feared were the nine steps leading up to my house. They told me that they would not discharge me unless they were sure that I would be able to navigate them. They were right. It was easy to climb those steps."
R. F.

"Your staff is professional, knowledgeable and most of all cares about the patients and how the patients feel. Your Occupational Therapy Department is a credit to the hospital. The Department should be acknowledged for their great work and almost miraculous achievements they accomplish with the hospital's patients."
D. T.

"CRMC is doing a great job. He and his wife have been to many hospitals, and CRMC ranks right up there."
J. B.

“The occupational therapists are wonderful. I would recommend them to anyone.”

“The skilled nursing unit’s physical therapy and the occupational therapy staff is top notch.”

“My surgeon was extremely pleased with the results I achieved in occupational therapy!”

“The therapists were a delight, friendly and helpful.”
R. P.

“I always felt much better after each session which was a plus. I thank all of the physical therapy team and staff for the help received. If needed, I will return.”

“Thank you for the way we were treated in rehab. Everyone was so professional and caring.”

“The physical therapy treatment helped me to feel much better right away. The therapists helped me back to life!”

“The physical therapy services group is extremely professional and accommodating to our needs and schedules. They are very competent and are determined to return the patient to the best possible condition as prescribed. We appreciate their care and therapeutic knowledge. Thank you!”

“These therapists are great and I wish them all the best and thanks for the great work.”

“My physical therapy treatment was a very positive experience.”

“Everyone in rehab was very cooperative and pleasant and helpful.”

“The therapists were exceptionally helpful and courteous and caring about me personally.”

"They realize my problem with in minutes, told me things I could do to help. ... My knee feels so much better since I have started physical therapy with them. I feel that this time its going to make a difference and can see some thing already feeling better just after 2 weeks, they do an outstanding job and are very friendly, I would recommend them to anyone I know...just think they should be acknowledged on how good a job they do."

"I was the recent recipient of excellent care and concern and would like to say "Thank You" for your devotion and singular attention. …I am so very grateful I chose Grover Herman for recuperating and bringing myself up to par. You are an excellent group of dedicated servants and again, I say, God bless you all. May your futures be as blessed as you make every patient's day to day experiences"