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"I would like to commend the entire ER staff for their quick, outstanding care. Special thanks to the entire RT Department for their excellence as well."
M. H.

"It is refreshing to see that CRMC is now a medical environment that provides quality care to their patients and realizes that especially with the special needs population to go that extra mile is essential in delivering this care. From our initial emergency room visit to admission, we were able to truly see medical professionals who take their job seriously, with a caring heart. Your physicians, nurses, aides, lab technicians, housekeeping and dietary staff all have one goal in mind -- the patient. God bless each of you."
B & M

"I can't praise the staff enough for the compassion and kindness they show me each and every time I come here. From the ladies at the registration desk, the housekeeping staff, the unit secretaries, to the exemplary nursing staff, I commend them for the superb job they do each and every day. I have seen and heard many of the nurses handle patients who are drunk, out of control or simply not there for an emergency. The nurses treat each and every patient with professionalism, empathy and understanding."
C. H.

"Your staff was excellent and took great care of me."
K. F.

"I have to tell you how impressed I am with the service I personally received yesterday at the Emergency Room. From the moment I walked in to the time I left, everyone was awesome."
P. H.

" I am a 28-year-old man from Brooklyn. Hatzalah EMT service rushed me into your ER with heart palpitations and shortness of breath. I was very impressed by the care and dignity the staff showed us. I also observed their interactions with other patients while I was there and was equally impressed. I ended up spending about 6 or more hours in your ER and came away with an absolute respect for the way your entire staff conducted their 'business as usual.' With a friendly a compassionate smile, sincere care and some light humor to lighten the mood and ease our fears, your staff helped us to make the best out of an unfortunate episode. And of course the whole staff was just extremely nice and accommodating of the limitations of what we can and cannot do on the Sabbath. It is good to know that if G-D forbid necessary, ,there is a good and reliable place that is sensitive to our religious needs to turn to for medical assistance even when far away from home. All I can say is thank you and continue your good work! "
D. S.

"My children are involved in medical hospitals and their hospitals should take lessons from your staff."

"Everyone was unbelievable, from the nurses to the housekeeping staff. Everyone was fantastic."
M. N.

"I wish to commend Catskill Regional's ER for having a staff that administers quality medical care with professionalism and humanity."
M. K.

"My daughter hurt her ankle playing soccer. There was an employee there that really stood out. After my daughter was in the hallway on a bed she offered her a pillow for her head and for under her foot. She also offered a blanket. She was a pleasure and ran around trying to help everywhere she could and did it all with a smile."
K. L.

"Many thanks for the care and attention given to me when I came to your emergency room. My husband and I were very impressed with the care that I received."

"We felt we were in great hands and want to thank everyone."

"My recent visit to the CRMC Emergency Room was more than just fine; it was wonderful. The nurses and technicians were so kind, yet truly professional in every way. It was so pleasing and comforting to have the highest order of care and understanding."
B. R.

"I had an asthma attack. I was transferred to Catskill Regional Medical Center were I received excellent treatment. My nurse was the best. You all took great care of me. God bless you all."
I. G.

"In less than two hours from leaving my home to returning, I had been examined, reassured, made pain-free and given two prescriptions as well as a printed detailed explanation and follow-up instructions. I venture that the care and caring I received at Catskill is as good as, if not superior, to that of any hospital in the state, rural or urban."
M. S.

"Exceptional attention was given to us on our Emergency Room visit."
B. M.

"This, fortunately for me, was a wonderful experience in your facillity. The response I received from the entire staff was exceptional, and in a few hours I was able to leave the hospital, walking once again. The attention everyone paid to me was very professional, curteous and caring and the AP who repositioned my hep was wonderful. Everyone was very attentive and made me feel very comfortable."
P. W.

"Don and I want to share with you our satisfaction and pleasure during his stay in the hospital. … Don had blood in his urine. We went to the ER and we could not have asked for better care. To find ourselves in the new upscale E.R. was a plus. His stay on the 5th floor was equally attentive. ... They also made me comfortable and saw that I had a sandwich and a drink."

"From the care he received in your Emergency Department, to that provided in the CCU, it was provided with compassion, empathy, caring and quality. The staff were extraordinary. I do not believe that my father and family could have been treated better. You should be proud of your staff and the way in which they handled my fathers' situation."

"The treatment received from the staff that evening was exceptional. Not only were they skilled and knowledgeable in stabilizing him in preparation for transport to Westchester County Medical Center, but the compassion shown to Luke and his family was overwhelming. From the bottom of our heart, we appreciate your service to ourselves and our community. Thank you for a job well done!"

"There was only a short wait and he was taken in for examination. The new emergency facility is a big improvement and he received very careful and competent care."

"Intake was speedy, nurse Brian did vitals, asked me questions and took me to Xray where, after a short wait, tech Adam took 4 "pictures" of my foot . . . Nurse Brian came back to me a few mins later with the good news that my foot was NOT broken but instead severely sprained...I was so impressed with the speed and ease of the visit."

"I get many Thanks from the patients I see and it's important to me that their visit is the best it can be."