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Rape Intervention Services and Education (RISE)

845-794-3300, ext. 2440


Hope, Healing and Empowerment for Survivors of Sexual Abuse

Rape Intervention Services and EducationThe Rape Intervention Services and Education (RISE) program of Sullivan County advocates for anyone who is or has been a victim of sexual abuse. Founded in 1987, RISE provides an array of services to victims of sexual abuse and offers prevention education. The program advocates for sexual abuse victims. Staff members will accompany the victim to the hospital, police or district attorney after an incident and will provide assistance. RISE also offers confidential individual, family or couples counseling as well as support groups, prevention education and professional training sessions. The program maintains a 24-hour crisis hotline number, 845-791-9595.

The RISE program is funded by grants, in part provided by the Sullivan County Rural Health Network.

Services for Children, Teens, Women and Men


24-Hour Crisis Hotline – 845-791-9595

RISE provides crisis intervention 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Trained staff and volunteers are on hand at all times to provide understanding and confidentiality to our callers.

Information and Referral

Callers receive factual information on a variety of community agencies that are available for further assistance. The staff counselor identifies the caller’s needs and provides appropriate referrals, including phone numbers and addresses, so individuals may secure the help they seek.

Support Groups

Several support groups meet weekly at the RISE office under the direction of a trained professional in an atmosphere that encourages them to talk through their traumatic experiences and to help one another in their recovery. Day and evening groups are offered.

  • Trauma Recovery & Empowerment
  • Victim to Survivor
  • Incest Survivor


The professional staff at RISE gives confidential counseling to survivors, their families and their friends.

Police, Court and Emergency Room Advocacy

Trained volunteers are available to victims and their families to provide information and support through medical and legal processes.

Volunteer Training

Volunteers receive 30 hours of initial training on rape and sexual assault. The training allows them to anticipate victim reactions and to provide referral sources. Volunteers receive an additional 10 hours of in-service training each year.

Education Programs

RISE offers a variety of workshops and programs for students, educators, law enforcement personnel and human services professionals. The RISE staff conducts, upon request, workshops for schools, churches, civic and social groups.

RISE education programs are tailored to meet specific group needs and requests. Programs can include video clips, role playing, group discussion and interactive group participation.

RISE education programs address common myths, attitudes and stereotypes that can lead to sexual violence.

Workshops and programs can include:

  • Healthy Relationships
  • Sexual Harassment
  • Date/Acquaintance Rape
  • Sexual Assault
  • Good Touch, Bad Touch, Confusing Touch
  • Sexual Health

Education is the key to preventing sexual abuse!

After a Sexual Assault

  • Go to a safe place.
  • Call a friend or family member whom you trust.
  • Try not to wash, douche, brush your teeth, change clothing or make any changes to the scene of the crime before going to the hospital or contacting police.
  • Go to a hospital, clinic or your own doctor as soon as possible to treat injuries, provide evidence and ease any fears about pregnancy or sexually transmitted infections. Bring a change of clothing with you.
  • Reporting the crime to the police is your choice. If you are unsure whether to report, medical attention is still advisable. A doctor will examine you and collect evidence, which is kept up to 30 days in case you decide to report the event.
  • When you are calm, write down the details of the assault so that you will remember more for future legal proceedings.
  • Call the RISE helpline: 845-791-9595.
  • Talk to someone you can trust.

RISE relies heavily on volunteer help and internships. If you are interested in volunteering or would like more information on services offered, please contact the RISE office at 845-794-3300, ext. 2440 or e-mail

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