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Catskill Regional Medical Center Debuts Inpatient Education System

Catskill Regional Medical Center has enhanced its patient services with the addition of the TIGR System, an on-demand patient education system that engages patients in their recovery by providing custom health education plans and hospital information at the bedside through the television.

“Offering the TIGR system at Catskill Regional provides patients and their families with Hospital information and patient education right at their fingertips,” said Gerard Galarneau, MD, Catskill Regional Medical Center Chief Executive Officer & Chief Medical Officer, “This addition really elevates the patient experience and allows us to provide exceptional health care.”
The TIGR system, which can be accessed on a patient’s television in each patient room, acts as a hub for pertinent information including parking and food service options while also providing on-demand health education. Patients and their families most often want more information about their diagnosis, treatment and recovery and with the addition of the TIGR system, information is delivered in an interactive way which empowers patients to be more informed on their medical treatments and recovery.
Catskill Regional is committed to delivering patient-centered quality health care in a healing environment. As a community hospital in tune with public health needs, Catskill Regional also provides education and training for our health care staff and members of the community. For more information, please visit

August 31, 2016 – Harris, NY

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