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Memorial Day 2018 - Office Hours & Closures. Learn more


May 3, 2012 – Harris, N.Y. – Catskill Regional Medical Center (CRMC) recently announced that it has moved to single-stream recycling in its continued efforts to become a green, environmentally responsible member of the community.


By implementing single-stream recycling, the practice of co-mingling plastics, glass, and paper products in one container, the hospital will reduce solid waste costs and increase recycling efforts. This initiative is estimated to save the hospital almost $12,000 annually, as well as create a green culture within the facility.


In February of 2012, CRMC entered into a contract with Constellation Energy (NYSE: CEG) to purchase Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs) to match 10 percent of its electricity. Based on its current energy consumption, the new contract will save the hospital an estimated $87,000 each year.


“CRMC is an environmentally responsible organization,” said Fred Kuriger, CRMC’s CEO. “We will continue our efforts to reduce pollution and waste, and to be a community partner in initiatives that work to improve our environment.”